One Day Performance TuningAt Stedman Solutions, LLC we offer several performance tuning packages to fit your specific performance tuning needs. Combine the performance tuning skills of the Stedman Solutions team, with the performance monitoring capabilities of the Database Health Monitor application from Stedman Solutions and you have a winning combination to find, assess and resolve your SQL Server performance bottlenecks.

Performance tuning is one of the core skills of the team at Stedman Solutions.

One Day Performance Tuning

The one day performance tuning package is great for the simple performance issues. The one day performance tuning package usually breaks out into the following steps, however it can be adjusted as needed for specific situations.

  • Morning
    • Review of performance issues and your environment
    • Initial database assessment
    • Detailed performance examination and experimentation
  • Afternoon
    • Applying quick performance tuning options
    • Written report describing findings and additional options
    • Review findings, and action plan

The one day performance tuning can involve modifying existing queries in your application, or making modifications to your database, file structures, indexing or other configuration settings. It helps if you have a test or development copy of the database, but that is not required.

Split One Day Performance Tuning

The split option is split the performance tuning into 2 four hour sessions separated by a couple days to a week. There are some performance issues that are better understood by installing a small monitoring database to keep track of the system status over a few days to a week to better understand where the performance issues may be occurring.

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