Consulting, mentoring and custom solutions for all your SQL Server needs. These consulting services include performance tuning, server upgrades, data migrations, high availability, disaster recovery, business intelligence, and reports.

Database Corruption Repair

One of the services that we specialize in is Database Corruption Repair. We can jump in and help recover your corrupt database right away. >>> Find out more about Database Corruption Repair offered by Stedman Solutions, LLC.

SQL Performance Tuning

Have a slow query and need some help getting to run faster? Is your whole database slowing down? We can help you find out why and come up with solutions to improve your overall SQL Server performance. >>> Find out more about performance tuning options.

Remote SQL DBA Services

Get full-time SQL Server support, without the full-time employees.

Emergency SQL DBA Support

Receive superior on-call SQL Server support exactly when you need it, 24/7/365. >>> Find out more about Emergency SQL DBA Support.

Disaster Recovery

Keep your system running even when things go wrong. Find out more about our Disaster Recovery Services.

SQL Server Upgrades

Nervous about upgrading from SQL Server 2008 to SQL Server 2012. Would like some help from someone with extensive experience upgrading SQL Servers? >>> Find out more about SQL Server Upgrade help.


We can help with that transition to a virtualized environment. Do you have too many SQL Server Virtual machines that need to be consolidated?

DBA on Vacation

Who covers your systems if your DBA is out on vacation? Do you stress out when your DBA is out of cell phone range, out of the country, or otherwise unavailable. >>> Find out about our DBA on Vacation Coverage packages.

Data Integration and Management

ETL migrations, performance tuning, data cleansing, governance, and regulatory compliance. >>> Find out more about Data Integration and Management.

Database Health Assessment

By using our skills with the Database Health Monitor application we can find health issues with your SQL Server that you may not even know were there. We can use this information to help prevent outages and other issues in the future.

SQL Server Monitoring and Alerting

Configuration of your server to find out the instant anything goes wrong. Its better to know when a problem occurs rather than weeks later. We can configure your SQL Server to send the right notifications when things go wrong.

SQL Database Design and Development

Rely on our SQL Database development and design experience to build or modify your databases.

Cyber Security Audit

Is your data safe? How has access to it, how can you reduce your risks or exposures? Do you know what your risks and exposures are? Does that angry employee who left 2 years ago still have access to your data? With a Cyber Risk Security audit and training you can learn how to better protect your data. >>> Find out more about the Cyber Security Audit and Training.