At Stedman Solutions, LLC we offer several performance tuning packages to fit your specific performance tuning needs. Combine the performance tuning skills of the Stedman Solutions team, with the performance monitoring capabilities of the Database Health Monitor application from Stedman Solutions and you have a winning combination to find, assess and resolve your SQL Server performance bottlenecks.

Performance tuning is one of the core skills of the team at Stedman Solutions.

Five Day Performance Tuning Package

The five day performance tuning package can be on-site or remote. The five day package is great for those times where an on-site visit is required. For remote work, the 5 days don’t have to be back to back, you can spread them over 2 weeks with some breaks in between to allow for performance data to collect, or to see how performance tuning changes impact your system over time. The five day performance tuning package is good for those situations with multiple SQL Servers with performance problems.

Five Day Performance Tuning Options

  • 5 Days on Site or 5 Days Remote
  • 1 day (remote) preliminary research, discovery and configuration of monitoring (remote), 3 days on site, 1 day (remote) followup with documentation and recommended additional actions.
  • Remote work can be spread over 2 weeks, with analysis of performance over time.

For the options with a preliminary day, following by monitoring, this can help establish a performance baseline to help guarantee that we understand the performance issues, and the root of the problems.

All of these combinations you will be left with the Database Health Monitor fully configured at no extra charge (if you want it). This will allow you to monitor performance issues over time, and to have the tools to find the performance issues in the future.

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