Are you experiencing an emergency situation. Do you need SQL Server Emergency Help from Stedman Solutions, LLC.SQL Server Emergency Help

  • Is your SQL database down?
  • Do you need to restore from a database backup to a specific point in time?
  • Did someone drop a table that you need to get back?
  • Do you have database corruption problems?
  • Do you need someone right now to help you resolve the problem?

Contact Steve at Stedman Solutions for emergency help any time 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Rates vary for after hours response.

Get SQL Server Emergency Help Now

Call (360)610-7833 for immediate after hours help.

We can be online with a GoToMeeting session in minutes to assist with your SQL Server emergency situation. For severe enough emergencies, I can book a flight and be onsite to help resolve the problem.

Establish a SQL Server Emergency Help Agreement

If you want to establish an agreement ahead of time to help cover any SQL Server Emergencies, we can put something in place that would save time in getting a contract signed at the time of the emergency, and it would save money. Discounted emergency rates are available with a pre-established contract.

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