Disaster Recovery PlanningBurntUpComputer

  • When disaster strikes will you be ready?
  • How will you communicate with your customers? Will you leave them in the dark or keep them informed?
  • What happens if you primary data center is involved in a structure fire and burns to the ground?
  • What is your plan if your system is hacked with SQL Injection?
  • What are you going to do if there is a flood that knocks out your internet connection for weeks?
  • What will you do if an earthquake knocks out power in the region for an extended period?
  • What if your upstream network provider files bankruptcy and shuts down your service?
  • What if thieves steal your laptop with VPN access to the datacenter?

You can’t prevent any of these issues, but you can figure out how to reduce the chance of them happening. You can also make plans that will prevent these type of disasters from disrupting your business, and ensure business continuity?


Do you understand your biggest risk factors for disaster to impact your business?

Whats your Recovery Point Object, whats your Recovery Time Object, where are your vulnerabilities. What are your high likelihood, high impact risks?



Are you prepared if your primary data center is suddenly destroyed, or completely unavailable? Who is on your disaster recovery team? Do you have a set of plans as to how you will react?



Repetitive training and drills can help you and your team be ready to react to any disasters.


When Disaster Strikes

Need some help? We are ready, we can help. Whether it is helping recover a corrupt database, or rebuilding an entire data center Stedman Solutions can help.


Contact us today for your free 30 minute consult to find out how Stedman Solutions can help with your disaster recovery planning, mitigation and help when a disaster strikes.