Here is a picture of a DBA on vacation in Hawaii. Notice the empty chair… They should be sitting in the sun sipping a tropical drink, but instead they are back in the hotel room with a VPN connection to the office dealing with some emergency SQL Server issue instead of enjoying the beach.DBA on Vacation

DBA on Vacation (photo by Steve Stedman)


Does your business only have one Database Adminstrator? Who covers our databases when your DBA is on vacation? Who can recover from backup if your DBA is backpacking out of cell phone reach? When can help with that performance issue if your DBA is on vacation on a tropical island?

Have SQL Server issues impacted your DBA’s ability to take a vacation?

Are you a DBA attempting to go on vacation and realizing that there is nobody there to deal with database issues? Do you relax on vacation knowing that things are covered, or do you want to be interrupted during your vacation and spend your time in a hotel room with a VPN connection back to the office to work on database issues.

DBA on Vacation Service

Stedman Solutions can help by being available on site, or remote for either an on-call or committed engagements as needed while your DBA is out on vacation.

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