SQL Server Training

At Stedman Solutions LLC we offer SQL Server Training and Disaster Recovery Training, either on-site at your location or remote by a web cast with Google Hangouts or GoToMeeting. Either way you can improve your SQL Server programming or DBA skills with our SQL Server Training.

  • Do you need SQL Server training for a new developer just getting started with SQL Server?
  • Do you need SQL Server training for an experienced DBA taking on a new task?
  • Do you need SQL Server training for an individual or a whole team?
  • Do you need a full week of SQL Server training on site or just a couple hours with a webcasting session?

SQL Server Query Training

For programmers new to SQL Server, or for someone more experienced preparing for a certification exam, we offer training for a variety of needs. In person training for groups, or individualized training via a webcast, or a variety of options.

Here is an example of one of my trainings.


SQL Server DBA Training

Do you need training for a new DBA, or for a specific SQL Server technology for an experience DBA. Either way Stedman Solutions can help with your SQL Server training needs.

Fixing Database Corruption

Training available on fixing Database Corruption. One of those things that you want to be ready for when it happens.

Disaster Recovery Training

When disasters strike, something small like a database motherboard failure, or something big like a fire at your data center, how you react depends entirely on how you train. Find out more about our Disaster Recovery Training and Services.