One of the services we offer is focused performance tuning package for SQL Servers used by the Centricity EMR package.

When your doctors, nurses and other staff are complaining that the system is slow, we can help speed it up.


Stedman Solutions offers a performance tuning package that runs over about a 2 week period where we assess the problem, adjust what can be adjusted, and make recommendations for future changes.

Centricity EMR Database Tuning

If you are having performance issues with your Centricity EMR system, we can help to get the most out of your SQL Server. Whether it is performance tuning your TempDB database, finding the I/O bottlenecks, tuning your storage, or improving your backup performance, we can help.

With the Centricity EMR performance assessment we can get you SQL Server running at optimal performance for the Centricity EMR system.

The performance assessment work varies by the specific needs of your system, but usually involves the following steps:

Centricity EMR Database Tuning

  • Review all SQL Server Settings.
  • Installing a small performance monitoring component, part of the Database Health Monitor application.
  • Tracking performance for a couple of days to a week, and finding the specific performance issues.
  • Determining an action plan and making adjustments to the SQL Server configuration. This is where you will see the performance gains.
  • Once the initial round of tuning is done, the system is monitored for a few more days to determine the next steps.
  • At the end of the process a comprehensive report will be made summarizing any changes that were made, and reviewing the impact of those changes. The final report will include recommendations for next steps beyond the initial assessment.

SQL Server doesn’t behave like most typical server systems, and this detailed performance assessment can help get your SQL Server running at optimal performance to support the Centricity EMR system.


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