Backup and Restore – Pass Chapter Presentation

Yesterday I had the opportunity to practice one of my sessions on Backup and Restore that I will be presenting at PASS Summit this year. I presented it at two different SQL Server Users Group meetings, one in Bellingham WA, and one in Hartford CT. The one in Hartford was a remote presentation.

This is an introductory level presentation targeted at anyone who is responsible for backup and recovery of their SQL Servers.


In this session we cover how to improve your backup strategy how to improve your Recovery Point Objective, and how to reduce your Recovery Time. Differential backups are often overlooked in a SQL Server backup strategy, learn how to utilize Differential backups and to save disk space.

If you have ever had to restore from backup and your manager has been looking over your shoulder asking “When will it be done”, then this is the session for you.

Backup and Restore

The topics covered in this presentation were:

  • Recovery Point Objectives and Recovery Time Objectives
  • Types of Backups
  • RPO and RTO Scenarios
  • Demo: Backup
  • Demo: Restore
  • Building a Restore Script
  • Changes in SQL Server 2017

One of my favorite items in this presentation is the creation of the automatic restore script. If you can create the restore script at the time the backup is run rather than when you have a failure you can dramatically reduce the time it takes to get that restore started, thus reducing your Recovery Time.


Need help with your SQL Server Backup and Restore strategy, check out our Services page for what Stedman Solutions can do to help you.