Announcing Stedman Solutions, LLC.


Stedman Solutions, LLC. To Offer SQL Server Consulting Services.

Bellingham, WA, USA – March 30, 2015 – Today Steve Stedman, Founder/Owner of Stedman Solutions, LLC is proud to announce a new consulting service focused on SQL Server Services, Products, and Training and more. Stedman solutions is based in the Bellingham Washington area and offers onsite services to Northwest Washington, and remote services to the world.

Steve Stedman is the founder and owner of Stedman Solutions, LLC; he has been using SQL since 1990, having 25 years of SQL and database experience. This experience combined with experience on the latest and greatest SQL Server technologies comes together to offer clients services, products and training with a specific focus on SQL Server technologies.

Services: Offering consulting, mentoring and custom solutions for all your SQL Server needs. These consulting services include performance tuning, server upgrades, data migrations, high availability, disaster recovery, business intelligence, reports and more.

  • Performance Tuning: Do you have a SQL Server that is running slow? Are you considering adding more hardware to improve the speed? Performance tuning can tune your existing server, to run faster without always requiring more hardware. Stedman Solutions can help you get the most out of your SQL Server.
  • Server Upgrades: Need help moving from that old unsupported version of SQL Server, to a newer version? Do you need help just confirming if your upgrade plan will work? Would you like to have someone available if something goes wrong? Would you prefer to just hand off the upgrade to someone else? Would you like training to prepare you for this upgrade, and many upgrades in the future? Stedman Solutions can help in all of these environments.
  • Data Migrations: Do you have data in one database that needs to be replicated or moved to another database? Do you want to move your MySQL Data into a SQL Server? For these and many more data migration solutions, Stedman Solutions is ready to help.
  • High Availability: Does your SQL Servers need to run 24×7 with minimal down time? Will your entire workforce be blocked if the SQL Server needs to be restarted? Stedman Solutions can help you improve your uptime, system reliability, and availability.
  • Disaster Recovery: What would happen if your SQL Server was destroyed by natural or human caused disaster? Do you know what risks you may be currently exposed to? Stedman Solutions can help you analyze your risks for disaster, and build a recovery plan, and help train your team to support that plan.
  • Reporting and Business Intelligence: Do you need a SSRS Report created? Do you need help with a BI dashboard? How about building a data warehouse? Stedman Solutions has experience in these areas and can with your Business Intelligence needs.

Products: Database Health Monitor – An application for DBAs and database developers currently in a free Beta release to help analyze your SQL Server to find performance bottlenecks and to find solutions for those performance issues.  Visit for more details.

Training: In addition to specific onsite and web broadcast trainings, Stedman Solutions offers training as part of every consulting engagement. Rather than just providing solutions, every client will learn so that they can do more on their own in the future.

Stedman Solutions, LLC is currently taking on new clients in all of the above mentioned areas. For free 30 minute consultation to see if we can help you, please visit or contact Steve Stedman.



Steve Stedman

Phone: (360)610-7833

PO Box 3175, Ferndale, WA 98248